Many thoughts occur C.J.--love the lightheartedness of your approach to a lofty topic and agree that we take ourselves too seriously because the whole would is Maya after all! Your writing lives your belief.

So we just got back from a Bar Mitzvah and I (yikes!) mentioned the unmentionable Yahweh--ignorantly--during the lunch that followed right there in the synagogue!

Hinduism really has only one supreme Brahman we believe in, but many concept based “gods” (god of knowledge, strength, etc.) to shop around for like stores in a mall to get you through daily life.

True God really resides inside each of us as the Divine Life, and we have to learn to listen to that wise guide, and I agree there are external people, events etc. that happen to get us closer to those epiphanies that ultimately arise from within us!

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You should consider teaching!

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Love the title. It tells me you are grateful for life as-is. This is key to a happier life. It’s even been proven scientifically. When we are grateful the happy neurons spark. I’m also grateful for the existence of G-d. Thx for this thought provoking piece.

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I loved this! Especially the theme song.

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“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”

Love it!

As Cheryl Crowe said, “It’s not about having what you want, it’s about wanting what you have.”

I think people spend far too much time trying to define the ineffable. If we cannot fathom the infinity of the universe, how can we possibly define a notion of a higher power? Dogma is something created to to give people something to hold when there is nothing to hold.

“The man who prays is the one who thinks that god has arranged matters all wrong, but who also thinks that he can instruct god how to put them right.”

― Christopher Hitchens

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Wow. So much to ponder. Thanks!!

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So well written. Thank you!

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CJ, you're a freaking soulmate of mine with just this one post! "God in a box" - oh lord help us all, right??? That's the minimizing of The Mystery that, boiled down, is just us having deeper fun, the kind of fun that hits us in the expansive heart of being alive! Also, I looooooove your theme song. Been around the Hinduism arena for about 35 years, and putting those two styles together is the very best of Hinjewism. Being Jewish, and quasi-Hindu, I claim your song in the name of brilliance.

I teach spirituality from a very irreverent, but completely dedicated and energy-based, devotion-based and self-based perspective, so I love your irreverence.

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